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Little Forks Conservancy


Greg Yankee, Executive Director
Greg joined The Little Forks Conservancy in October 2016 as the Executive Director. In that capacity, he is the chief administrator for the organization and is responsible for the development, oversight, and implementation of goals, policies, programs, and procedures to fulfill the mission of Little Forks. Greg grew up in Michigan and graduated from Bucknell University and the University of Michigan Law School. Before joining Little Forks, he served in multiple roles for the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, including Executive Director. He is excited to be back in Michigan and to explore all that mid-Michigan has to offer.

Elan Lipschitz, Director of Land Conservation
Elan Lipschitz became the Land Protection Specialist for The Little Forks Conservancy in June 2000.  As Director of Land Conservation, Elan works with landowners as they make their decisions about how best to preserve their properties. He works to negotiate the terms of a conservation easement if that is the route of land protection decided upon by the landowner. In addition to conservation easements, he is involved in conservation buyer transactions, evaluation of lands to be purchased by the Conservancy, land conservation planning and various partnerships with other conservation organizations. Additional areas of responsibility include the annual monitoring of easement properties as well as for the Geographic Information System (GIS) program at the Conservancy.  Although not from Michigan, Elan has developed a deep appreciation for the wonders of our local landscapes.

Andrea Foster, Conservation Outreach Coordinator
Andrea joined the Little Forks Conservancy in February of 2015 as the Conservation Outreach Coordinator.  She heads up both the Conservation@Work and the Conservation@Home programs for the Conservancy in addition to all volunteer coordination.  Andrea is also a Michigan Natural Shoreline Educator.  As a Michigan native, Andrea enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors in addition to volunteering within the community.