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Little Forks Conservancy

Trail Conditions

Trail Report -July 7, 2017

Due to flooding many of the preserves are muddy and still draining. Mosquitos are also numerous so protect yourself with bug spray!

Want to help us maintain our trails? Let us know if you encounter any downed trees or other problems! Email with the preserve name, the date you visited, and what you observed.

Averill Preserve

We hope you continue to explore Averill while renovations happen this summer.

Area was flooded avoid or use caution while things dry out and debris gets cleared out of the way.

Trail improvements began June 26th. For your safety the overlook and first section of trail is closed, the lower trail is still open. Check out this Averill Map for details.

Get the latest updates on our Averill Access for All project by clicking here.

Forestview Natural Area
Puddling in some areas. The Lowland Trails are experiencing more water than past years and is temporarily closed.

Riverview Natural Area
From the parking area to the stairs: There is puddling in some areas, but most can be walked around.
Northern trails: The trails past the stairway are very wet. Use caution or avoid this area.

Szok Preserve
Pine Haven Recreation Area is closed while trails are being reconstructed therefore access to Szok is not possible.