Tour Our Native Gardens From Your Desk!

by Andrea Foster, Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Sometimes, your garden can get overwhelming. When spring and summer start working their magic on the plants, you can’t pick WHICH plants grow and which ones don’t! At the Little Forks Conservancy the gardens are looking great, but only due to the help of some really amazing volunteers.


All of the gardens at Little Forks are planted with native plants which are now in their second year of growth. This year, when the Little Forks offices were added to the Reece Endeavor Gardenwalk as a footnote to the beautiful Pomranky Gardens, staff knew they would need to do some tough yard-work!

That’s when Matt Anderson came in. An aspiring Eagle Scout from Trinity Lutheran Church Boy Scout Troop number 760, Matt wanted to find an Eagle Scout project that would suit his needs and help out the Little Forks Conservancy as well. When presented with a few choices, Matt decided that beautifying the office gardens would be perfect for him!

Matt did hours of prep work by weeding, trimming branches and mowing. Then he brought in a team of ten additional volunteers to create mulch pathways, and to mulch all of the existing garden beds. Consumers Energy donated the mulch that comes from trees that have been cut down to prevent power line damage. This is a great example of recycling! Matt knew that the office grounds are also used as a Conservation@Home demonstration site, so recycled tree mulch would be the perfect material.


Matt did an excellent job, and the Conservancy’s gardens have never looked better. Below are photos from the work day he organized. Little Forks staff always welcomes visitors, and would love to have you visit and tour the gardens in person! Please call today to schedule a walk-through of your own, or to have Andrea come to your property for a free site visit. You can be eco-friendly and use these practices in your lawns, and the Conservation@Home program is ready to help! Email, or call 989-835-4886 today.




Below is a video tour of the gardens. We hope you enjoy it!

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