Christmas Tree Today, Habitat Tomorrow!

by Andrea Foster, Conservation Outreach Coordinator

Love getting a fresh Christmas tree each year, but don’t know what to do with it after the holidays are over? Look no further! We have some excellent ideas that will help you put that tree to good use and give it a second life for years to come.

If you already have a brush pile going in your yard for the small animals that need a place to take cover in the winter, then all you have to do is toss this year’s tree out on the pile. Don’t have a “rabbittat” pile? Start one! Small brush piles make fantastic homes, and give you less lawn to mow.

Another option is to use the evergreen boughs from your tree and place them on bird feeders and birdbaths, providing extra shelter and places to rest for the birds. Birds need places to rest that have cover year-round, and conifers provide the best spots to do this in the winter.


Giving our native wildlife a place to live is a big part of keeping Conservation@Home. Small acts like these can be a big deal when combined, and help preserve our natural areas and ecosystem. For more information, check out some of our other blog posts, or email today.

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