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AtHomeLogo copyYou have energy-saving appliances and light fixtures in your home. You recycle and look for other ways to be environmentally friendly at home.

But what about in your yard? If you want to nurture and support nature in your backyard and gardens, Conservation@Home may be for you!

Conservation@Home is a program that helps you recognize practices that maintain and preserve our environment. The Little Forks Conservancy will work with you to offer ideas to conserve nature in your own yard. And, when you’re ready, Little Forks will certify your yard as an environmentally-friendly property!

When you plant with native species, create wildlife habitats, or manage rainwater, you’re protecting nature and promoting sustainability. You should be recognized for your efforts!

sign-smallBenefits of a nature-friendly yard

  • Native plantings support a large variety of beneficial wildlife. The habitat you create will attract wildlife such as songbirds and butterflies!
  • When you plant native species, the deep roots help hold the soil in place and require less maintenance.
  • Perennial flowering plants will increase the beauty and value of your property!
  • Lawn management practices that reduce the need for chemicals will improve the quality of our air, water, and soil.

How can you make your yard more nature-friendly?
Check out the guides below to discover how your yard can support wildlife, conserve water, and help our environment!

Need more help?  Click here for a list of partners who can help you!

Is your yard ready for Conservation@Home?
EPA Rain Garden2Do you have natural areas on your property? Do you manage your yard for the benefit of wildlife? Have you planted native plants in your yard? Do you compost your yard and/or kitchen waste? If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you may be eligible for Conservation@Home certification!

For a one-time $50 suggested donation, Little Forks Conservancy staff will conduct a yard assessment, including ideas to further improve the environmental friendliness of your property!

Certified landowners will receive a Conservation@Home sign for their yard!

Ready? Contact Andrea Foster to schedule your site visit! Call 989.835.4886 or e-mail