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Little Forks Conservancy


As a business owner, you take pride in your community. By making decisions to help conserve our natural environment, you are making choices that protect the community you have invested in.

Conservation@Work rewards your efforts to use eco-friendly landscaping and provides guidance along the way.

The Little Forks Conservancy will work with you to identify ways to conserve nature at your business. This can be as simple as mulch-mowing your outlawn or providing wildlife habitat.

To promote efforts that sustain our community, The Little Forks Conservancy will highlight businesses who become Conservation@Work certified!

How can I make my business conservation friendly?
A Conservation@Work certification is individually tailored to your business. The program focuses on five general practices:

Don’t know where to start? The Little Forks Conservancy will help you explore your options! Contact our office to learn how the Conservation@Work program can benefit your business.

Why should my business be certified?
Conservation practices lower maintenance costs and support clean water, rich soil, and healthy wildlife. Conservation@Work certification means:

  • Taking eco-friendly steps that show your customers and staff that you care about our local rivers and natural lands.
  • Attracting a greater variety of wildlife to your property that will create a more engaging outdoor space.
  • Managing stormwater runoff to improve and protect the quality of our local waterways.
  • Harvesting rainwater and altering your lawncare to save money over time.

Need more help? Click here for a list of partners who can help you!

Is your business ready for Conservation@Work?
Bring nature to your business and be a part of sustaining our community!

For a one-time $100 suggested donation, Little Forks Conservancy staff will conduct a site visit, including ideas to make your property more conservation friendly.

Certified businesses will receive an attractive, metal Conservation@Work sign!

Ready? Contact Andrea Foster to schedule your site visit! Call 989.835.4886 or e-mail