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Little Forks Conservancy


The Conservancy currently maintains four dedicated funds – a land acquisition fund and a defense fund, an endowment fund and an operating fund. Each of these funds has a defined purpose allowing donors different options for assisting the Conservancy in our mission.

If you would like to restrict your gift to one of the funds, please indicate such on the donation page, the memo of your check or with a short note. Gifts received without special instructions are placed in the Operating Fund.

Land Acquisition Fund

Donations to this fund are used for the purchase of land or conservation easements and the costs associated with completing these projects such as surveys, appraisals and legal fees. By building this fund, the Conservancy will be able to act immediately when properties that meet our conservation standards are placed on the market.

Endowment Fund

The Conservancy has an established endowed fund at the Midland Area Community Foundation. The Little Forks Conservancy Endowment Fund will be used to hold contributions that are permanently restricted to using only the earnings to support the work of the Conservancy. The Conservancy is limited to receiving no more than 5% of the fund balance as an unrestricted grant each year. To learn more about the limits on such gifts, contact the Midland Area Community Foundation.

Defense Fund

The Conservancy has established a fund to be used solely for the defense of our interests in land created either by ownership or through a conservation easement. The Conservancy must be able to defend against a future violation or challenge to each conservation easement we receive.

Operating Fund

Membership contributions, grants and endowment earnings are placed into this fund and used for the day-to-day programs and operations of The Little Forks Conservancy. These gifts are generally provided as unrestricted contributions.

Other Options

Planned Giving

There are many vehicles available to donors who would like to support land conservation through planned giving. Contact us or your financial advisor to learn how to include The Little Forks Conservancy in your plans.


If a landowner wishes to maintain full control over the land during his or her lifetime, but assure that it is protected after their death, a property can be bequeathed to The Little Forks Conservancy by will. The gift must be accepted by the Conservancy; therefore, it is important to make sure that the property meets our criteria for acceptance.