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Little Forks Conservancy

Conservation Easements

If you want to continue owning your land, but make sure that it is protected forever, a conservation easement might be right for you. With a conservation easement, your land will be treasured and cared for in years to come just as you do today.

Conservation easements are permanent legal agreements between the landowner and Little Forks Conservancy that limit certain activities on the property in order to conserve its valuable natural resources. Generally, limitations can be made on the number of subdivisions, location of buildings, and the types of activities, such as gravel mining, that can take place.

Conservation easements are tailored for each property. Conservation easements are flexible and can be used to protect farms, forests, riverfront properties and more. A conservation easement for a forested property will be very different than one created for a working farm. The agreement will vary based on the property and the landowner’s goals for conserving their land.

Discover the steps to creating a conservation easement.

Placing a conservation easement on a property is just the start of Little Forks Conservancy’s commitment to that land. Every year, our staff visits each of our conservation easement properties to ensure the land’s uses meet the terms of the agreement.

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