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Little Forks Conservancy

Trail Conditions

Report as of November 14, 2018

Riverview Natural Area

Riverview Natural Area – this section is often referred to as the blue trail or first loop.

The first loop of trail is clear of leaf litter; trail users can expect ice on boardwalks and in low spots on the trail. The stairs and northern loop remain covered in leaves as we work to build new trails and boardwalks over the next year.

Forestview Natural Area

Leaf litter will be removed from trail soon; trail users can expect ice on boardwalks and in low spots on the trail. The lower section is still closed until we can find a better route through the large pools of water.

Averill Preserve

The all-access path will likely have some leaf matter and ice potentially. Trail users can expect snow will remain on the all-access path during these winter months and the lower section has a few icy/muddy spots but is in good condition.

Albert & Virginia Szok Preserve

Be sure to check the park website for updates on the parking lot and trails this winter. The Szok Preserve trail is in good condition.

George and Sue Lane Preserve

The first trail was installed this summer 0.8 miles from the parking lot to the river – look for red arrows to guide you through the fields. Expect some muddy spots as we figure out the best route.

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Let us know if you encounter any downed trees or other problems! Email with the nature preserve name, the date you visited, and what you observed.